2015 CoC Application – Information and Updates

Projects to be Ranked in the 2015 CoC Application to HUD

UNITY staff have received and reviewed for completeness all renewal applications. The UNITY Evaluation and Project Selection Committee reviewed and selected new project sponsors for the bonus projects and for renewal projects needing a new project sponsor.

As a result of these reviews, the below list of the projects have been accepted for inclusion in the 2015 CoC Application for the New Orleans/Jefferson Parish Continuum of Care (LA-503). The projects listed below will be ranked by the Evaluation and Project Selection committee using the project evaluation score and the prioritization established by the committee reflecting HUD prioritization criteria. The approval of the project prioritization rankings will be voted on at the meeting of the Service Providers and Professionals Association on November 13. After the meeting, the ranking list and the CoC application will be available on UNITY’s website www.unitygno.org.

Projects to be Ranked Notice

2015 CoC HUD Application Timeline revised

2015 Scoring Key Oct2015

CoC Process for Reallocating

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