2017 CoC Application Timeline

The CoC Governing Council has approved the  SPPA and CoC Governing Council 2017 CoC Application Timeline for project applications to be submitted with the 2017 CoC Application to HUD for CoC LA-503 for New Orleans, Jefferson Parish and Kenner.

July 28 Governing Council meets to review timetable, discusses RFPs & Threshold Review.

Request for Funding Application emailed to all CoC projects eligible for renewal.

Aug. 3 Meeting to Announce Requests for Proposals, 9:00-9:30 am: open to nonprofit and governmental agencies interested in providing Permanent Supportive Housing or Rapid Re-Housing for the homeless. Location:  2475 Canal St., 1st Floor Annex Conference Room.

CoC Agency Executive Directors Meeting, 9:30-10:30 a.m. to discuss HUD NOFA and review & comment on performance scoring criteria.  Location: 2475 Canal St., 1st Floor Annex Conference Room.

Aug. 4 CoC Governing Council lunch meeting, 12 noon-1pm, to review and approve project threshold criteria, project ranking criteria, and funding priorities. Location: 2475 Canal St., 3rd floor conference room.
Aug. 7 Deadline for all renewal Request for Funding Applications to be submitted to UNITY for all CoC Project Renewal Project Applications, including Direct Grantees.

Funding priorities determined by CoC Governing Council are posted on UNITY website along with ranking and selection process for new and renewal projects.

Aug. 18 SPPA meeting, 10 am

Meeting for Direct Grantees for assistance to complete application in esnaps

Aug. 21 Draft Project Performance Scores distributed to renewal projects
Aug. 25 Deadline for Direct Grantee applications to be entered in esnaps (including all attachments) in order to be included in ranking.
Aug. 28 Deadline to Appeal Project Performance Scores and results of threshold review.

Deadline for RFP Proposals at 12:00 noon.

Aug. 31 Governing Council CoC Evaluation/Project Selection Committee lunch meeting, 12 noon – 2:00 p.m., to select RFP Project Sponsors and to determine project ranking and tiering for new and renewal projects. Location: 2475 Canal Street, 3rd floor conference room.
Sept. 1 RFP applicants are notified of selection or rejection, with reasons for rejection.
Sept. 4 Draft project renewal rankings distributed to all agencies.

Written notification to all projects regarding funding decisions of the CoC Governing Council including posting to UNITY website of the project rankings.

Sept. 11 Deadline at 12:00 noon for any appeals to the CoC Governing Council regarding projects rankings, funding amounts, or rejected applications.
Sept. 12 CoC Governing Council lunch meeting, 12 noon-1:30 p.m. to finalize project rankings and funding amounts. Location: 2475 Canal Street, 3rd floor conference room.
Sept. 12 Final notification to all project applicants of the projects that are accepted and ranked, rejected, or reduced with reasons for rejected or reduced applications. Final rankings posted on the UNITY website.
Sept. 15 SPPA Meeting, 10 am
Sept. 26 Target date for UNITY Submission of CoC Application to HUD via esnaps (with project applications and project priority listing)
Sept. 28 HUD Deadline for UNITY to submit CoC and project applications to HUD
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