Funding Decisions for Unsheltered RFPs

The UNITY Evaluation and Project Selection Committee met on October 4, 2022, to determine project sponsors and priority rankings for projects to address unsheltered homelessness that will be submitted in the community application for funding through HUD’s Special Notice of Funding Opportunity, CoC Supplemental to Address Unsheltered and Rural Homelessness. The approved Project Priority Listing will provide permanent housing for 400 households through permanent supportive housing and rapid re-housing projects, including rapid rehousing provided in a new joint-component program.

Proposals to the CoC were scored based on the criteria outlined in the RFP which considered program outcomes, cost-effectiveness, cultural competence and equity, organizational experience, program design (Housing First); staff structure, implementation timeline, program enhancements, contract compliance, and consumer feedback.

Funding tiers were used to prioritize interventions that are most needed to assist people who are experiencing unsheltered homelessness to achieve permanent housing.

  1. Permanent Supportive Housing
  2. Rapid Rehousing
  3. TH-RRH Joint Component
  4. SSO- Street Outreach
  5. SSO – Improving Access to Shelters
  6. HMIS
  7. CoC Planning

All applicants received a separate email indicating the results of the funding decisions including the sub-recipient award amount and any reasons for any reduction in funding from the requested amount.  Appeals to the project priority listing should be sent to the Evaluation and Project Selection Committee proposals@unitygno.org no later than noon, October 11, 2022.

We are excited about these new partnerships to implement the community plan to assist people who are experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

Priority Project Listing

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