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Navigator of the Month!
Each Navigator is tasked with housing veteran clients within 30 days of encountering them on the streets or in shelters…
Davaughn is housing his clients within an average of 14 days!! 


What’s your name? Davaughn L. Phillips

Which agency do you work for, what is your position? I am a Case Manager II for Volunteers of America, Greater New Orleans. I’ve been here for 3 ½ years.

What is your background and education? I graduated from Texas Southern University in Houston with my Bachelors in Social Work and have been attending Southern University in New Orleans for my Masters in Social Work. I graduate in May of 2015!

What has been your favorite client moment during this veteran’s initiative? I’ve worked with a lot of veteran clients who have been homeless for many years, sleeping directly on the street. It’s pretty amazing to help them move into their own house.

If you had a super power, what would it be and why? Caring for others in their times of need. My faith in god and knowing he provides the power to do help me and to help others through their daily encounters and hardships.

What’s an interesting thing about yourself you would like people to know? I am a resident of Orleans Parish and am dedicated to rebuilding and providing quality service to the city I call home. Following Hurricane Katrina, I was driven to do more work in the community assisting others and my drive and determination has gotten me to the place I am today.




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