2021 CoC Funding Competition

UNITY of Greater New Orleans has established a local calendar for project applications in the 2021 HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) competition. Due to Hurricane Ida, our region has been approved an extension to submit the consolidated community application and project applications on January 14, 2022.

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November 12, 2021 – Project renewal applicants have received an initial score that was sent via email on Friday, November 12. The data provided in the project application was reviewed for accuracy and scored using the criteria established by the CoC Governing Council. The email includes a table with each scoring indicator, the maximum possible score for the project type, and the score for the project being renewed. Please see the FAQ for the 2021 CoC project Renewal Scoring and Ranking to answer questions about common errors made by applicants in the project scoring sheet. The FAQ also explains corrections that have been made in the calculations in the scoring sheet to reflect the approved 2021 Performance Analysis Scoring Key.

If you believe there was an error made when calculating your project score, you may send a formal score correction request in writing no later than Friday, November 19 via email to proposals@unitygno.org with documentation that the score was calculated incorrectly.

Preliminary Project Rankings will be distributed on Friday, December 2, 2021. More detailed information about the project renewal process, scoring and ranking criteria on the Renewal Project Information page on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Suggestions on Funding Priorities and Project Scoring

The CoC is interested in getting suggestions about funding priorities and scoring criteria for scoring and ranking CoC funded projects. Please submit suggestions through this form no later than October 19.

Information regarding the 2021 CoC application process can be provided in alternate formats, including in languages other than English. Requests can be made via email to vcoffin@unitygno.org or by calling (504) 821-4496 ext. 1012.


La información sobre el proceso de solicitud se puede proporcionar en formatos alternativos, incluso en idiomas distintos del inglés. Las solicitudes se pueden hacer por correo electrónico a vcoffin@unitygno.org o llamando al (504) 821-4496 ext. 1012.


Thông tin về quy trình đăng ký có thể được cung cấp ở các định dạng khác, bao gồm các ngôn ngữ khác ngoài tiếng Anh. Yêu cầu có thể được thực hiện qua email đến vcoffin@unitygno.org hoặc bằng cách gọi (504) 821-4496 Ext. 1012

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