This not-so-small miracle started a few months ago…

UNITY recently placed Ms. Bernadette in a motel to be vaccinated and housed.

We discovered that she was already experiencing a health crisis.

In just a few months, her weight had dropped significantly — by more than 40 pounds.

Her experience is far from unique.

Just before Hurricane Ida hit the city, UNITY started a new initiative, with two goals, to vaccinate and house.

But it’s accomplishing much more.
As you’ll see in the video (above), we now know
why Ms. Bernadette had lost so much weight.

Please support this work, if you are able.

I help oversee this initiative. We know that it’s saving lives.

But with the Omicron variant spreading rapidly and a cold front approaching, I feel an urgent need to take more people off the streets and out of abandoned buildings, so that they can be vaccinated and housed and address dire healthcare needs. Please help us make this happen.

Thank you, and Happy New Year to you and yours.
We could not do this work without you.

Angela Patterson
Deputy Director, UNITY of Greater New Orleans

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