CoC 2017 Funding Priorities

On August 4, 2017, the CoC Governing Council established the following CoC 2017 Funding Priorities.

The funding priorities for the 2017 Continuum of Care Application must reflect the updated goals of the Continuum of Care:

  1. To end chronic homelessness by 2018
  2. To maintain an average length of stay in family homelessness of 35-40 days or less and to meet all other federal criteria for ending family homelessness by 2018
  3. To maintain functional zero in veteran homelessness
  4. To end youth homelessness by 2019
  5. To reduce unsheltered homeless by 75% by 2020
  6. To operate a CoC system of housing and services, including a Coordinated Entry System, capable of achieving and maintaining these goals and more effectively serving all persons experiencing homelessness.

To that end, three RFPs have been issued:

-Dedicated PLUS PSH through bonus funds to reach the goal of ending chronic homelessness

-Rapid Re-Housing to End Unsheltered Homelessness through bonus funds to decrease unsheltered homelessness in tandem with the new Low Barrier Shelter

-Rapid Re-Housing for Families and Youth through reallocated funds to make progress in reaching the goals of ending family and youth homelessness.

Attached is the reallocation policy which sets forth the criteria used for reallocation decisions. Any balances in supportive services, operating or administrative costs, as well as balances in rental assistance or leasing of $10,000 or more, shall automatically be subject to reallocation except under specific circumstances.  Increased emphasis shall be placed on cost effectiveness in reallocation decisions in order to ensure that all CoC funds are used as wisely as possible to reduce homelessness and meet the goals of the CoC.


2017 Project Performance Scoring Key_UPDATED

2017 Project Threshold Review

Reallocation policy 2017 updated

2017 Funding Priorities


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