CoC Project Listing for 2017 Application to HUD

The CoC Governing Council of the New Orleans-Jefferson Parish-Kenner CoC LA-503 met on September 12 regarding the CoC application to HUD and made decisions regarding appeals, project prioritization rakings, and submittal of the CoC application.

The CoC Governing Council considered three appeals related to project ranking, scoring or reallocation of CoC projects. The Council discussed the appeals and voted to deny them.

Project rankings were developed from objective threshold review, rating and ranking criteria. Such criteria included factors related to achieving positive housing outcomes and other system performance measures for the Continuum of Care.  The scoring process considered the severity of needs and vulnerabilities of participants in projects being scored. Projects without a full year of performance were given the average score of projects in the CoC.

Any CoC projects dedicated to serve victims of domestic violence would have a different scoring method than other providers. Such projects would utilize data generated from a comparable database (rather than HMIS data) to consider the unique circumstances of these providers and the population they serve. Domestic violence providers would have a scoring matrix that would also reflect any differences in their role in the CoC coordinated entry system to ensure privacy of their population. There were no project applications submitted by Domestic Violence providers.

The Council approved the project rankings as attached (2017 Final Project Rankings Sept12) for submittal to HUD for the 2017 CoC Funding Competition. No changes were made from the rankings distributed September 1, 2017.

The Governing Council also voted to have UNITY of Greater New Orleans submit the consolidated application on behalf of the Continuum of Care.

If any information is needed in an accessible format, including other languages for those with limited English proficiency, please contact Valerie Coffin, Director of CoC Programs at vcoffin@unitygno.org or 504-821-4496 x112.

Public comment on funding priorities can be submitted to proposals@unitygno.org. The CoC encourages comments from organizations and individuals who have knowledge of homelessness or an interest in preventing and ending homelessness.

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