Projects to be Ranked in the 2016 CoC Application to HUD

UNITY staff have conducted a threshold review of all renewal applications and new applications for coordinated entry projects. The UNITY CoC Evaluation and Project Selection Committee reviewed and selected new project sponsors for the new reallocation project(s), bonus projects and for renewal projects needing a new project sponsor. This

As a result of these reviews, the below list of the projects have been accepted for inclusion in the 2016 CoC Application for the New Orleans/Jefferson Parish/Kenner Continuum of Care (LA-503). Any project not listed below is not being included. The projects listed below will be ranked by the Evaluation and Project Selection committee using the project evaluation score and the prioritization criteria established by the committee.  Although all projects listed will be included in the project rankings and CoC application, some projects may be approved for reduced funding level.  Separate correspondence will indicate projects that are renewed at less than full renewal amounts with a portion reallocated to fund new priority project(s) established the CoC.

Scoring criteria to develop project prioritization rankings (and Tier 2 projects) will be discussed by the CoC Governing Council on August 17 and sent to SPPA membership in advance of the SPPA meeting on August 19.  Project scores will be distributed to project sponsors no later than August 24 with all appeals submitted to the CoC Governing Council no later than August 30.  The CoC Governing Council will establish the project priority listing on August 31.  The final project prioritization rankings will be presented to the SPPA for the September 9 meeting (the meeting is being moved up to September 9). After the meeting, the ranking list and the CoC application will be available on UNITY’s website www.unitygno.org.

Projects to be Ranked Notice 2016


Renewal Projects (Alphabetical Order) 2015 Grant Number Component   
Belle Reve LA0205L6H031504 PH
Catholic Charities Voyage House LA0075L6H031508 PH
CCANO – Ciara Permanent Housing LA0053L6H031508 PH
CCANO Bridges to Self Sufficiency LA0052L6H031508 RRH
City of New Orleans Shelter Plus Care LA0054L6H031508 PH
Coming Home PSH – DePaul and Harry Tompson Center LA0234L6H031501 PH
Coordinated Access System- Ozanam Inn and Harry Tompson Center LA0208L6H031502 SSO
Coordinated Entry Project – UNITY LA0262L6H031500 NEW
Covenant House – Rights of Passage Apartment Living LA0082L6H031508 PH
Covenant House Permanent Housing for Youth LA0077L6H031508 PH
Covenant House Rapid Re-housing for Young Families LA0230L6H031503 RRH
Crescent Care PSH Project (formerly Easter Seals) LA0071L6H031507 PH
Family Rapid Rehousing (NOWCS) LA0058L6H031508 RRH
First Evangelist Housing and Community Development Corporation LA0154L6H031507 PH
HMIS Data Quality and Analysis Project – ViaLink and UNITY LA0183L6H031504 HMIS
Home At Last – Esplanade – Goodwill LA0260L6H031501 PH
Home At Last – UNITY and Start Corp. LA0205L6H031503 PH
Home for Good PSH Project (Ozanam Inn) LA0252L6H0431500 PH
Home is Where the Heart is – UNITY and Start Corp. LA0185L6H031503 PH
Jefferson Parish CDC-Shelter Plus Care Program LA0085L6H031508 PH
Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority Permanent Housing LA0084L6H031508 PH
JPHSA  Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilties LA0064L6H031508 PH
Metropolitan Center for Battered Women – Transitional Hsg for Battered Women and Their Children LA0090L6H031508 TH
MHSD – Sponsor Based Rental Assistance Shelter Plus Care LA0086L6H031508 PH
NAMI Permanent Housing & Independent Living Program LA0072L6H031508 PH
NAMI Womanspace LA0083L6H031508 SH
New Orleans Women’s Shelter Transitional Housing LA0189L6H031505 TH
NO AIDS Task Force Permanent Housing LA0223L6H031502 PH
Odyssey House Samaritan LA0073L6H031508 PH
Partners In Health & Housing – Crescent Care and Start Corp. LA0250L6H031500 PH
Pathways – Responsibility House LA0070L6H031508 PH
Project HOME (Youth RRH) – Tulane Drop-In Center LA0251L6H031500 RRH
Rapid Rehousing for Chronically Homeless – DePaul & Harry Tompson Ctr LA0211L6H031502 RRH
Rapid Rehousing for Families – Salvation Army, CCANO, Start Corp. LA0050L6H031504 RRH
Responsibility House – Supportive Housing Program LA0088L6H031508 PH
Responsibility House Permanent Supportive Program (Direct) LA0079L6H031508 PH
Responsibility House PSH LA0155L6H031507 PH
Salvation Army Family Transitional Housing LA0193L6H031505 TH
Start Corp. Bridge Housing LA0066L6H031508 PH
Start Corp. Rapid Rehousing Program LA0060L6H031508 RRH
The Finally Home Project (NAMI) LA0210L6H031502 PH
The Keys Project – Responsibility House LA0172L6H031504 PH
Transformation Supportive Housing Project – UNITY & CCANO Health Guardians LA0049L6H031502 PH
Travelers Aid Society Housing First Permanent Housing Project LA0184L6H031504 PH
UNITY Case Management for PH LA0199L6H031505 PH
VoA Permanent Housing for Homeless Persons with Disabilities LA0076L6H031507 PH
Volunteers of America Case Management LA0062L6H031508 PH
Welcome Home Outreach LA0201L6H031505 SSO
Welcome Home Rapid Rehousing LA0091L6H031508 RRH
New Coordinated Entry Projects
 Covenant House
Harry Tompson Center Day Center
Resources for Human Development-JP Outreach
Travelers Aid
Tulane University Drop In Center
Volunteers of America
Welcome Home – Coordinated Entry



New Permanent Housing Projects
Youth Rapid Rehousing – Covenant House
Goodwill Rapid Rehousing
PSH for the CH Bonus – Travelers Aid and Start Corp.



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