HMIS Policy & Procedures

This document details the standard policies that govern the operation of the Louisiana
Services Network Data Consortium Management Information System (LSNDC System).
It defines the roles and responsibilities of the LSNDC System Administrators, agencies
and individuals accessing LSNDC System data. All individuals accessing the LSNDC
System must read and understand these policies. This document works in concert with
the other LSNDC authored documents that establish baseline policies and procedures for
data quality, system security, and client information privacy, as well as garner agreements
amongst the various parties involved with the system. The affiliated documents are
identified with each policy.

LSNDC System is administered by the Louisiana Services Network Data Consortium, a
non-profit corporation acting in the behalf of the LSNDC Board. The LSNDC Board is
comprised of representation from regional Homeless Management Information System
(HMIS) lead agencies and Continua of Care lead organizations that are under contract
with the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide homeless
services. The central server is administered by the contracted HMIS software vendor, and
the LSNDC establishes the minimum policies for appropriate administration, licensing,
training, and compliance at the regional-level.

The primary purpose of the LSNDC System is to provide a client and service data
management tool to aid the regional Continua of Care to end homelessness in Louisiana
and meet HUD requirements for CoCs to provide an unduplicated demographic report of
the number and characteristics of clients served as well as program outcomes. This tool
is Internet-based technology to assist homeless service organizations across Louisiana in
capturing information about the clients that they serve.

The LSNDC System provides a standardized assessment of consumer needs creates
individualized service plans and records the use of housing and services which
communities can use to determine the utilization of services of participating agenci

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