Request for Proposals #16-2 – Safe Haven for Women and Transgender Persons with Severe Mental Illness

UNITY of Greater New Orleans, the lead agency for the homeless Continuum of Care (CoC) for New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, is seeking proposals for a Safe Haven for women and transgender people, a low-barrier temporary housing program which will serve as a bridge to Permanent Supportive Housing. The proposal will fund one project sponsor which may partner with another agency. The program will be operated out of the building located at 2407 Baronne Street, 3rd floor. The applicant must be able to operate a no-barrier, temporary safe haven to provide shelter for women and transgender people living on the street or in abandoned buildings who have serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders, while they await Permanent Supportive Housing placement. The funds are available through a U.S. Housing and Urban Development grant to provide both supportive services and operating funds. It is anticipated that future funds for this project would be renewed annually for the applicant selected to administer the program, assuming that it is in good standing with UNITY regarding program and fiscal compliance. It is anticipated that a per-diem would be available through Metropolitan Human Services District as partial match. It is possible that at some point in the next 5-10 years UNITY might move this project to a different location suitable for also serving male clients, in addition to female and transgender clients. Nonprofit or governmental agencies are eligible to apply; agencies which are currently members of UNITY’s Service Providers and Professionals Association as well as those agencies not receiving funds through the Continuum of Care are equally encouraged to apply.

Click to access the full RFP: Safe Haven RFP 16-2


Informational Meeting

An RFP Informational Meeting will be held: on Wednesday, April 27, 9 am at 2475 Canal Street, New Orleans, First Floor Annex Conference Room.

Deadline for Safe Have Request for Proposal

Deadline for submitting proposal to UNITY is Friday, May 20, at noon.

Applicant will be selected and notified no later than May 26.

Applicants are expected to begin the project as soon as possible and no later than July 1.

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  • Valerie Coffin

    May 4, 2016 6:31 pm

    The RFP has incorrect totals for the 12 month and 7 month budgets. The individual budget categories are correct and add up to $295,998 for the 7 month total budget and $507,408 for the 12 month budget.

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