UNITY hosts 2012 Registry Week

Two years ago, New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, via the UNITY network of homeless service organizations, joined the 100,000 Homes Campaign, a national campaign to house 100,000 of the most vulnerable homeless persons in America by 2014.  The 100,000 Homes Campaign is being spearheaded by our national partner Community Solutions/Common Ground Community, with support from the National Alliance to End Homelessness, United Way, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and many other groups.

New Orleans is one of the leaders of this exciting campaign and has already contributed significantly to the 100,000 goal.  On July 23rd-25th UNITY will host a 100,000 Homes Registry Week to conduct Vulnerability Surveys of homeless persons sleeping in emergency shelters and those living on the streets.  These surveys help us determine who is most vulnerable (that is, at risk of dying if not housed soon) and should be prioritized first for housing, according to national homeless mortality research.  We are inviting some of our important partners to participate in the registry effort on that night by volunteering to administer Vulnerability Surveys.

There are many options for participation listed on the attached form. The street surveys will be administered to homeless people the nights of July 23rd and July 24th. The surveys in the shelters will take place in the evening of July 23rd and July 24th, and the mornings of July 24th and July 25th. Once we receive your registration we will provide you with more detailed information including meeting locations.

We hope it will be possible for you to volunteer, which is so critical to starting the process of housing our most vulnerable neighbors.  If you have questions, please contact Emily Danielson at edanielson@unitygno.org or (504) 821-4496 ext 103.

What’s it like? Hear what previous volunteers had to say about their experience.

You can read more about this event here and register online here.

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