WDSU – N.O. Homeless Receive Medicial, Job Assistance

New Orleans Mission Presents ‘Make A Move’ Event

NEW ORLEANS — Hundreds of homeless people in New Orleans received free assistance from various providers Wednesday to help them get back on their feet.

New Orleans Mission launched “Make A Move,” the largest public assistance event for the homeless in New Orleans’ history on Wednesday. Organizers said the program is about the community getting together and offering a broad range of services, including medical checkups, foot care, legal services, grooming and employment assistance for struggling individuals.

“The homeless here is not necessarily the people you see under bridges or have raggedy cloths. It could be a friend (or) a neighbor that’s just struggling. This event was not just about helping the homeless, but people that just need a hand up not a hand out,” said organizer Sean Walker.

Organizers said the goal of make a move was to help homeless and struggling individuals by providing the resources they need to jump-start their lives and to allow them to walk out the Convention Center with a new sense of hope and their heads held high.

Loretta Smith, of the New Orleans Mission, said, “This was about the community making a move, about us banding together. This is a city problem, not a New Orleans Mission problem. It’s not a unity problem; it’s a city problem.”

Walker said about 1,000 people have participated in “Make A Move.”

“We’ve had great support from service providers and volunteers. They’ve been connecting one on one with everybody and so, we feel like we’ve done a lot of good in a short amount of time,” Walker said.

All the volunteers and the community organizations that are providing services said they are hoping they can help provide a brighter tomorrow.

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