With one look at his face, you can see that he’s been to hell and back. Now he’s happy in his own place.

Ricky Mitchell, 64, was hit by a shotgun blast meant for someone else.  He lost the sight in one eye. He is re-learning how to walk, though he will always need a cane to get around.

UNITY outreach worker Jeremy Finnegan found Mr. Ricky sleeping behind a store, completed disability paperwork for him, helped him get fully vaccinated for COVID-19, and got him housed in his own modest apartment. 

His family is overjoyed. They couldn’t violate their apartments’ strict leases to take him in. But now, his sister stops to bring him chicken after church every Sunday. His nephew takes him to the grocery store. His nieces stop by just to hug him and take him to family picnics. “Our prayers have been answered,” they tell him.

Today, on GiveNOLA Day, please help us answer local families’ prayers by housing more of our homeless neighbors.

We are able to house our community’s most vulnerable people, only with the help of caring people like you.

You can give today, on GiveNOLA Day, through this link.

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