Amendment to Request for Proposal #14-2 for Rapid Rehousing

UNITY has amended the Request for Proposals #14-2 to provide Rapid Rehousing services.

A total of $342,418 will be made available on an annual basis, of which $109,450 is for supportive services, $226,254 is for rental assistance, and $6,714 is for administrative costs.

Applicants must maintain two case managers working full-time on this project and provide them with health insurance.  Each case manager will have a caseload of 20 clients at any given time, for a total of 40 clients served by the project at any given time.  It is expected that approximately 80 persons would be served by the project over the course of a year, as the project would primarily be used as a bridge to Permanent Supportive Housing.

Please see attached RFP 14-2 amendment 8-8-14 and the original Rapid Rehousing RFP 14-2.

Proposals should be received at UNITY no later than 5 p.m. Thursday, August 14, 2014.  Proposals should be clearly labeled with the name of the project grant being applied for. Proposals should be addressed to Martha Kegel, Executive Director, UNITY of Greater New Orleans, and must be emailed to proposals@unitygno.org.

To express interest and/or obtain more information, please contact Contracts Manager Jeff Kiemen at (504) 821-4496 ex. 101 or jkiemen@unitygno.org or Director of CoC Programs Valerie Coffin vcoffin@unitygno.org.


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